State of the City

It’s a bit of a wreck. Not just in the podcast, but we didn’t achieve the 2017 episode output we’d planned. We missed both Witchnight and Sunbottom this year, which was a shame because we had ideas for both! (Fear not, you’ll still hear them soon enough.)

2017 was a bad year for all sorts of creative folk. The last twelve months provided plenty to be anxious and stressed about. Well: here at the Underground, we’re adapting and making new plans for 2018. You can see our Twitter feed on the page now, with in-character posts; our Instagram is active with episode title cards and other art; we’re putting more archived episodes on YouTube; and episode transcripts are coming soon. We have some surprises on the way, as well!

So, thank you for listening and sticking with us through a dry year. Expect more Managlitch for Year 718 in the Forty-One Worlds!

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