About Managlitch

A black, viscous, tarry substance called mana-pitch occurs naturally on the world of Neimma. For uncounted ages, the magicians there found it only in rare deposits coveted and sometimes battled over. Then, around seven hundred years ago, scientist-mages discovered how to refine it into even more powerful mana gems. Almost simultaneously, they discovered a seemingly limitless supply under the western coastline of Carristin. The value of raw mana-pitch dropped, but mana gems remained valuable, and the citizens of that nation built Manapitch City to exploit the find.

Even in a world full of magic, technology marched on as well. The experimenters of both camps used all the tools available to expand their knowledge; over the centuries, Manapitch became the jewel of the loosely allied Forty-One Worlds for its techno-magical wonders. Soon it became difficult to tell whether a building was held up by nanotech materials, spellcasting, or both; the average citizen stopped worrying about the question. The wealth of mana gems and the generally progressive beliefs of Carristin society came together to build an environment that, while not free of care, was short on the plagues of poverty, hunger, sickness, and crime that affected many other of the Worlds.

But as the centuries went by, people skilled in such matters could tell that the planes of existence around Manapitch City twisted and knotted in troubling ways. Confused surveyors, miners, and managers observed that the mana-pitch deposits never seemed to run out. Aura surges flashed every so often across the city and the citizens. Over time, the city became a magnet for unlikely events known as “glitches”, and improbable people named “glitchers”. Some citizens left, many shrugged it off; but a large majority feared or distrusted these magical accidents, in both objects and humans. Eventually, most people called Manapitch City by a new name in non-official situations: Managlitch.

Glitches appear to be less common around people and places with smooth, serene, focused auras. So, do try to keep your aura clear, citizen.

Managlitch City is a place where reality frequently goes wrong in large or small ways, and where people make the best of it as they would anywhere else. The Royal Family, the City Council, and the Cybercasters’ Guild fight politely over power and influence because things still run smoothly most of the time, and everyone needs something to do. The City’s glitchers are both victims of prejudice and a useful resource to the three power blocs; and as always, there are a few folks playing their own games.

The voice of “Managlitch City Underground” in most broadcasts is Michael O’Brien, as Glenn SevenFiftyFive. The opening theme narrator is Maya Kralovna, as Her Highness Swiftstorm the Second.

MCU’s theme music is “Crime of the Century” by Consortium 499.

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