Podcasts We Enjoy

  • The Burnham Society
    •  A journey through the hidden and occult history of Chicago’s 51st Ward. There’s a Nine Demons Soup franchise in Managlitch… we should probably be concerned.
  • The Hidden Almanac
    • The Hidden Almanac presents “facts” three times a week in a podcast. Your host is Reverend Mord. Occasional drive-by hosting by Pastor Drom.
  • Introductions Necessary
    • A daily podcast presenting a short introduction to notable women and their contributions to STEM fields both throughout history and in the modern day.
  • Mike and Kara’s Nuclear Submarine (coming soon!)
    • Every episode, the hosts tackle a notoriously bad movie. But they’re not just reviewing it — they’re letting you listen in on their viewing experience!
  • Nobilis Erotica (WARNING: NOT Safe For Work)
    • The Most Prolific Erotica Podcast in the Known Universe. A variety of writers and narrators join forces to bring you some of the most amazing sci-fi and fantasy erotic audio.
  • The No Disc Disco
    • EBM / Electro / Retro / Techno. Listen up disco dummies! Your DJ is Mike Kangal, sharing mixes of music he loves with anybody who wants to listen.
  •  Totally Random Fandom
    • The podcast where middle-aged geeks can’t seem to stay on topic. Movies, TV, comics, toy collecting, you name it!

  • Consortium 499
    • Not a podcast, but the composer of the music we use to open and close each episode. Wonderful stuff, and completely free to listen: check it out!
  • Kosmos
    • Also not quite a podcast, but a horror-suspense web video series being released an episode at a time as people view it. To register for free and unlock new episodes, visit the site!

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