Cast of Characters

Characters are listed in order of appearance. Warning: there may be spoiler information here from episodes you haven’t yet listened to! Read with caution!

  • Glenn SevenFiftyFive – he’s the current host of Managlitch City Underground. A glitcher with minor spell-casting abilities, he’s a little hyper, easily-amused, and rather fond of Princess Swiftstorm. He’s also dashingly handsome, a hit with the ladies, and writing this description.
  • Slippery Adam – transmission engineer for the Managlitch City Underground. A skilled data-spinner, he also handles the infotech for the group, including encryption and protection from online attacks. He has a glitch of understanding certain data streams as if they were a spoken or written language he knows.
  • Mistress Korva Messiér – minor Managlitch nobility. Somehow she possesses a surprising amount of influence in the City’s affairs, which she appears to use solely for her personal amusement. She throws amazing parties, of which only whispered tales are told.
  • The Honorable Derek Verr – Ambassador from the Empire of Ash, which is another of the Forty-One Worlds and an important trading partner with the City. The Empire is currently on good terms with the City, and he likes it that way, as he enjoys the travel.
  • High Minister Dalton Sheaffer – leader of the Council, his power reaches past its borders into the prairie and badlands surrounding the City, in the form of both lawmaking and enforcement. He’s an efficient, erudite, admired figure in the City; just ask him, he’ll happily go on about it at length.
  • Lord Timberlane of Placir – a dignitary from another of the Forty-One Worlds. The City’s relations with Placir are strained, but mostly economically, since interworld war is difficult via current transport options.
  • Virgil Kinson – the Managlitch City Underground aura forecaster, his glitch allows him to see into the ether and examine auras and ley lines directly. This means he’s got a mild headache most of the time.
  • Prime Cybercaster Surrus MacAllen – leader of the Cybercaster faction in the City. He is skilled with magic via the use of advanced technology and cybernetics, and apparently a crack shot. He doesn’t like glitchers much. Do not cross this man.
  • Princess Swiftstorm the Second – before her coronation, Roshana of House Chavdar. She is head of the Royal Family and a force to be reckoned with, not to mention quite physically attractive. She seems to genuinely care about all her citizens, even the glitched.
  • Mortimer TwoTwelve – a Managlitch fixer. In other words, if you need to make a deal with someone but don’t know exactly who, he’ll get you an answer and help set up the deal, for a very reasonable fee. He has a glitch which seemingly causes him to know when he’s being talked about.
  • The Crimson Pretender – tried to steal the throne from the Chavdar family many decades ago, and has not been seen since his defeat. He is still rumored to be waiting for his chance, prolonging his life with twisted magic and cyberware. A boogeyman.
  • Captain Loren Cooper – Captain of the class-8 ethership Starhunter Seven, and a good man in a crisis. He’s currently on the passenger and freight run from Managlitch to the Jet Protectorate, another of the Forty-One Worlds.
  • Dame Cynthia Blue – Royal Chiurgeon to the House of Chavdar. She travels among the Forty-One Worlds, studying their diseases and medical procedures: useful knowledge to have when new maladies can literally spring up overnight.
  • Avrela Singer – a researcher associated with the Manapitch Aurametric League. Despite being Unchanged herself, she’s willing to work with glitchers if it means learning more about the hopelessly tangled past and present of the City and its surroundings.
  • Artema Sable – a mysterious woman who’s been seen on the streets of the city slaying the “crasher” demons appearing since the Second Portalblast. On her first appearance, she wears a purple dragon-hide jacket. She’s skilled, armed, dangerous, and not amused by you.
  • Captain Connie “Bean” Gordon – Captain of the scout ethership Darkdiver. She is first to land on the glitched-into-existence third moon of Managlitch’s world, and considers it a dubious honor at best.
  • Nikolen Weber – a brilliant technomagic engineer, he can build almost anything once he’s inspired. Some folks say he was kicked out of the Cybercasters because he glitched, or ran from them. Some folks don’t know to mind their own business.
  • Frederic Thurms – the owner of Thurms Phimesor Removal, a company specializing in removing mana pollution from the auras of people, places, and things in Managlitch. Has a surprising glitch that he lives with comfortably.
  • Captain Jahmest Wecyi – Captain of the class-2 ethership Lavender Oboe, and a non-human Ecksmurian with a squeaky voice. Wecyi’s ship performs a slow circuit around several of the Forty-One Worlds, and it’s rumored she’ll carry anything (legal or not) for the right price.
  • Euripides “Rip” Zapnowski – Managlitch’s most notorious musician. His concerts produce such overwhelming cacophony that glitches do not seem to take hold in any area where his music’s played. As a result, his music sells extremely well.

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