Ep. 012 – Intervention

—– Recorded Live at Intervention 6, with special guest star Terry “Davros” Molloy of “Doctor Who” and “The Archers”! —– Glenn SevenFiftyFive finally visits Terra-Epsilon for the first Joined Worlds Summit, and pokes his microphone into the doings of Managlitch’s high-and-mighty; but not everyone plans for the event to have a happy ending.

• Glenn SevenFiftyFive: Michael O’Brien
• Narrator, and Princess Swiftstorm: Maya Kralovna
• Event Announcer: Onezumi Hartstein
• Tegril: April Walters
• High Minister Dalton Sheaffer: Terry Molloy
• Artema Sable, aka Metara Black: Kara Dennison
• Samniss Jann: Gillian Kinney
• Blackwing: Barb Fischer

• Episode Twelve, “Intervention”, was written by Michael O’Brien and the script edited by Maya Kralovna. Our theme music is “Crime of the Century” by Consortium 499. All other content is ©2015, Glitch City Media. Visit our website at managlitch.com for more information about the City and links to our podcast archives. If you have questions about the world of Managlitch City, email them to glenn755@managlitch.com, or leave them as comments on our website, and we may use them in a future episode.

See more of Kara Dennison’s work at karadennison.com.
Barb Fischer’s new blog will soon appear at auntie-barbizard.com.
Find Gillian Kinney’s blog at rydain.org.
Learn what Onezumi Hartstein is all about at onezumiverse.com.
Visit Terry Molloy’s official site at terrymolloy.co.uk.
April Walters’ workshop site is located at 14audioworkshop.com.
Special thanks to Chris Griffith for additional recording equipment.


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