Ep. 005 – Dark Red Intentions

A terrifying new lunar satellite looms silently over Managlitch City as Glenn SevenFiftyFive and his friends plan their own personal crasher hunt. However, not everyone listening to the show thinks looking for trouble is the best of ideas. Also, voice menus. Guest starring Kara Dennison as Artema Sable.

• Glenn SevenFiftyFive: Michael O’Brien
• Narrator (Princess Swiftstorm): Maya Kralovna
• Artema Sable: Kara Dennison
• Voice Menu System: Bert Fox

• Episode Five, “Dark Red Intentions”, was written by Michael O’Brien. Our theme music is “Crime of the Century” by Consortium 499. All other content is ©2015, Glitch City Media. Visit our website at managlitch.com for more information about the City and links to our podcast archives. See more of Kara Dennison’s work at karadennison.com.


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