Manatee Ocean Underwater

Private Files for Beta Readers

Creedcast #3 – Sandrel Creed discovers some disturbing things about Glitchbuster GO and the South Continent Mangle.

Order of the Leviathan – (Managlitch short story) Tam’s new glitch leads him to inconceivable depths.

Bring The Fire (“Booker Foundation” short story) – A mysterious book holds the key to long-lost powers of destruction. Potentially appearing in the upcoming “Overdue” anthology.

Turncoat (classic “Doctor Who” short story) – A forgotten tale of a Fourth Doctor who ruled the Time Lords, and destroyed Earth. Accepted for the soon-to-be-published “Unbound” anthology.

Disinfectant Protocol (“Unearthed” short story) – A massive stone sarcophagus from two thousand years ago contains a deadly selection of strange artifacts.

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