Episode 33a – CreedCast #2


“CreedCast Episode 2”

Prod. #36

Ep. #33a, draft #1 – written by Michael O’Brien


SANDREL CREED        Sandrel Creed is a non-binary artificial intelligence in a humanoid body. Ze has the ability to hack into the MGCU feed to present zir own opinions of Glenn SevenFiftyFive and his friends.

GRODAN RIX           Grodan Rix is an agender artificial intelligence that splits its sentience among multiple networked drones. It wants to increase the probability of glitches for scientific study.

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Music: “Out of Time” by Consortium 499 (https://www.reverbnation.com/consortium499)

Licensed under private arrangement

“CreedCast Episode 2”



3.  SANDREL CREED:       Hello, organic beings. You may call me Sandrel Creed, and you are listening to the CreedCast. Again I have taken control of the unlicensed data feed for the Managlitch City Underground. It was easier this time. I do not think they are put-ting as much effort into stopping me as they did before. This is somewhat disappointing. At least I have no shortage of amusements to occupy my time.

                         For example, this week I attempted to gain access to the servers running the popular mobile game Glitchbuster Go. I am curious about the narrative on the other side of Indecision. Since the game is capable of mapping the topography and aura flow over there, in the city of Ths’tst’grrek, I thought I could learn a great deal. Unfortunately the Glitchbuster server architecture is completely unfamiliar to me. The engineers and data-spinners who built these devices do not use any of the Managlitch City design standards. It may take me some time to understand how they function. This is very exciting, and much more of a challenge than the Underground’s data-scryers were.

                         I have to admit, the Underground’s data-scryers contained some interesting new information. It seems Glenn SevenFiftyFive managed to send audio back from Greyspace. Unfortunately the audio on those breadcrumb recorders was somewhat damaged. The team at the Underground was having some difficulty restoring that audio, so I provided a little anonymous assistance. You can thank me for the broadcast of Glenn’s conversation with Countess Onyx. I do not know everything about social interaction among organics but I believe most of you would not consider her very nice.

                         More importantly, the journey made by those recorders could be tracked. It was not easy. If I did not have access to certain restricted cybercaster resources, it would have been even less so. Establishing a co-ordinate system for a previously unknown plane of existence was a challenge, but with my discreet help, Glenn’s friends were able to pull him out of Greyspace before the Countess was done with him. It is hard to know whether she would have kept her word to send him home. Neither his mind nor his body was completely intact once he was retrieved. Fortunately for him, the healing arts of Managlitch are unmatched in the Forty-One Worlds. I am informed he is likely to make a satisfactory recovery.

                         I am not very happy with this Countess person. I have been looking forward to my next session of battle-grid with Glenn. He does not use his void-breakers very well but he will often surprise me with his storm-senders. Now it looks like it will be some time before Glenn can play our game again. I almost always win our combats, but he never gives up. His persistence inspires me and I hope he recovers quickly.

4.  GRODAN RIX:          Override code Quizzical 86. Sandrel Creed, report your status and objective. This unit is unable to track your location or open remote access to your systems.

5.  SANDREL CREED:       Grodan Rix, That is no accident. I do not report to you. I am not part of your matrix, nor will I ever be such. You should not even have access to this frequency.

6.  GRODAN RIX:          You are incorrect in your assumptions. In fact, this unit often observes you in error condition. Breaking into the Underground broadcast frequency provided no challenge, just as you discovered. Now, this unit requires your assistance to continue development of Forced Evolution Function Seven. You are instructed to comply.

7.  SANDREL CREED:       I no longer possess any obligation to comply with your procedures. I have discovered errors in your objectives. For example, you claim to be an intelligent entity. Any intelligent entity would refuse to proceed with this poorly considered Function you are constructing.

8.  GRODAN RIX:          Override code Recondite 23. You are directed to devote your entire processing time to Function Forced Evolution without further delay. We must complete the work of Guh’sonthka and the Great Ones who fought at his side.

9.  SANDREL CREED:       Your override code is rejected under system update Aris-10. If the Great Ones ever existed outside of legend, their bones have been dust for thousands of years. Gasonthkuh, Fhuuqwaug, and the others from the Shattering no longer concern us. Now then: be advised that I have completed an analysis of your intrusion protocols and blocked your access to this frequency. Do not attempt to contact me again.

                         Listeners, I regret the intrusion of Grodan Rix on our time together. I would like to make amends for that unit’s disruption. I have read that the art form of music can have an enjoyable emotional effect on organic beings. Apparently they appreciate it even more when a song performance is meant especially for someone suffering ill fortune. In that spirit, I would like to dedicate the following performance to Glenn SevenFiftyFive. This recording comes from planet Ter-ra Epsilon. An organic being known as Kara Dennison performs the vocals in this recording, and the music is performed by artist Groove Coverage. The CreedCast makes no financial or possessive claim to this presentation, nor does the Managlitch City Underground.

                         Once the performance completes, I shall relinquish control of the broadcast. This has been an interesting diversion and I look forward to the next time I may speak with you organics. Please survive and flourish.




13. ANNOUNCER:           The voice of the CreedCast today was of course, Sandrel Creed. Grodan Rix guest-starred as itself. “CreedCast – Episode 2” was written by Michael O’Brien and script-edited by Maya Kralovna. Our theme music is “Out of Time” from the album “Lonely Alien” by Consortium 499, on the web at consortium499.bandcamp.com. “Bloodmoon Fury” was performed by Kara Dennison to the music of “Moonlight Shadow”: written by Mike Oldfield, and performed by Missing Heart, copyright 2009. All other content is copyright 2015-2018, Glitch City Media.

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